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Jaap (Jacob) Vogel was born in the Netherlands in 1954. He was supposed to become a medical doctor but finally opted for journalism as social and political matters fascinated him from a young age.

Still in his teens he was collecting relevant, in particular controversial, articles from Dutch, and international newspapers and magazines, gluing them on large paper sheets and binding them together. These documents are still an interesting representation of the political, social and cultural issues of those years. They are one of his treasures!

Later he graduated at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence. Writing and travelling and have always been his major interests together with science, photography and flying

In 1991 he travelled for the first time to Australia, fell in love with the country which he then started to visit regularly. In 2002 he sold his house in Holland, quit his then position as Chief Editor of the Dutch Journal of General Practice and moved for good to Down Under.

He settled down on Tamborine Mountain (QLD), continuing his journalistic work online. He participated actively to the community, as President of Landcare and the Chamber of Commerce.
As local snake catcher he wrote a booklet on the eighteen species of snakes of Tamborine Mountain.
On Australia Day 2008 he was granted the Special Mayor’s award for his community contributions.

From his new Homeland, he continued to travel extensively in the Outback to get more acquainted with the first Australians’ culture and their current way of life.

During the past three years he lived fulltime on the road in his bus ‘The Spirit of Curiosity’, together with his partner Elisabeth and two dogs Boris and Zilla. Together they spent most of the time in the Northern Territory, visiting Aboriginal communities and meeting many interesting and dedicated people living and working there.

Jaap continues to work as a journalist on political, economic and medical matters.
Email: jaap.vogel@wakeuptime.com.au
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