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150 WA communities close

29-1-2015 Up to 200 indigenous communities in Australia could lose access to power and water because the government says it can no longer afford to deliver the basic services. The remote communities are mainly located across the northern tip of Australia and the Kimberley in the country’s northwest. “Communities will not be ‘closed,’” WA Premier Barnett said. “There is nothing to stop people going on to land, but there are going to be issues about the continuing provision of power and water and other services to 274 communities.” [Global Research] [ABC] [Guardian]
Any future living conditions in the remote communities would consist of the bare minimum.
Announcements in many media and websites led to an outcry all over Australia.
Comment by Wake Up Time: It seems reasonable to apply standards for remote communities all over Australia in the same way. If remote agricultural communities are contributing to the nation, governments will continue to supply services. The main question is probably whether this standard could also apply to remote Aboriginal communities. It’s hard to see why it couldn’t and shouldn’t.

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