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Lifestyle choice

5 Mar 2015 The Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson has blasted Tony Abbott’s comments that living in a remote community is a lifestyle choice, saying it is a “deranged debate” conducted in a “substandard manner”. The prime minister made the remark on ABC radio in Kalgoorlie on Tuesday in response to questions about the Western Australian government’s plan to close up to 150 of the state’s 274 remote Aboriginal communities after it received a federal funding cut. More on The Guardian
Comment by Wake Up Time: Abbott’s wording might have been insensitive, but the point he makes is valid. Many remote communities are not sustainable in the ‘mainstream’ sense of the word, because of lack of services and work, and welfare dependency. Of course, it could be that Aboriginal communities should not be measured by ‘mainstream’ standards. But if that is the case (a point made by left wing politicians and Aboriginal leaders) then another structure should be put in place to solve the problems. So far, no-one has ever come up with such suggestion, most likely because there is none. Abbott is right.

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