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Leave Traditional Land to avoid to work

17 April 2015 The Central Desert Regional Council has warned that new work for the dole rules announced by the Government have the potential to inundate Alice Springs and other regional centres with remote community job seekers and their families. “If you live out bush you have to work for the dole for 25 hours a week for 52 weeks a year. But if you live in an urban address your obligation to work for the dole is 15 hours per week and only 26 weeks a year. People will move into town to avoid the unfair rules and harsher penalties”, the Mayor of the Central Desert council, Mr. Dixon, said. Council Chief Executive Officer Cathryn Hutton added that “the future of vibrant, developing communities depends on our people staying on community, adults participating in the economy and kids going to school.” The Alice Springs News headed: “Leaving their tribal lands to avoid more work for dole”. Erwin Chlanda put to Mr Dixon that being on their traditional lands is commonly assumed to be of paramount importance to Aboriginal people. Would they leave because of the extra work, and take their families with them? Mr Dixon said they would.
Comment by Wake Up Time: If being ‘on the traditional land’ is as important as often is suggested, why could one then leave to avoid working 10 hours a week extra to receive otherwise unconditional welfare? Chlanda’s question, and Dixon’s answer tell the whole story.

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