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An endemic of addictions

10 April 2015 – Billy Goat Hill, in downtown Alice Springs is empty, since a 12-year-old boy died here a little more than a month earlier of sniffing deodorant. The Guardian article continues with the remark that the funding cuts by the Northern territory government, resulting in the closure of the “Congress youth drop-in centre” lead to this tragic event. A new, popular drug, crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, is currently the preferred choice of addiction. It is on its way to the remote communities.
The story continues with the question whether not only the current funding cuts, but even the 2007 Intervention is the cause of all this, but also states that “these young people are out walking the streets because it’s not safe to be at the town camp or it’s not safe to be at home”. The article essentially mentions three possible solutions: intervene in the supply, help the victims and punish the perpetrators. All of that to be done by governments, police and social workers.
Comment by Wake Up Time: As usual we don’t touch the real questions: why not keep parents responsible? If town camps and remote communities create unliveable circumstances for young people, why not abolish them and protect the children from opportunities for a future? It is up to the people in the camps and communities to take co-responsibility for these problems. Wake Up!

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