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Senator Leyonhjelm stirs up the debate

leyenholm26 June 2015 Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm questions if Aboriginals were first occupants of Australia; says it would be ‘bizarre’ to put into constitution, according to a report on ABC.
Senator Leyonhjelm cited the cave art known as the Bradshaws or Gwion Gwion in the Kimberley in Western Australia, although he mistakenly said they were in the Northern Territory.
A joint select committee has called for a referendum to be held to recognise indigenous people.
Comment by Wake Up Time: Leyonhjelm’s position is not helpful in any way. It is obvious that people who left Africa 60 or 75 thousand years ago not only ended up in Europe, Asia and America, but also in Australia. If it is important to recognise that fact in the Constitution, so what? The real issue is that that recognition should not lead to differences in the legal position of people currently living in Australia.

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