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Preferential treatment: racism of not?

AS Hospital31 July 2015 The sensitive issue of preferential treatment keeps popping up in the headlines of the Alice Springs News: ‘Northern Territory Health’ recruiters told to always prefer Aboriginal applicants. An internal memo leaked to the Alice Springs News Online says: “Other applicants will only be considered if no Special Measures applicants are found suitable, and assessment of other applicants will only commence after this finding has been reviewed.”
This seems to exceed the NT Government’s previously stated employment quota objectives as, in theory, non-Indigenous people could be completely kept out of jobs. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people covered by the policy, which came into force in January this year for two years, are referred to as “Special Measures” applicants. The scheme is understood to be active across all NT Government departments.
The Department of the Chief Minister responded by stating that a Special Measure is designed to promote equal employment opportunity for a disadvantaged group of people. It is also known as “affirmative action”.
Comment by Wake Up Time: we leave this comment to writers of letters to the editor of the Alice Springs News. Kathy Fraser: “There is no such animal as “reverse racism”. Racism is as basic as it ever can be, the recognition of one group as being superior to another. To select an applicant on the basis of ethnicity over competence is about as low as you can go.”
Steve Brown: “We must not under any circumstances, make decisions based on ethnicity! Any such decision is inherently, undeniably racist to one group or another.”

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