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85% of us seem to support Indigenous Recognition

2 July 2015 A Fairfax poll shows 85 per cent of voters support an amendment to the Constitution, which recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people as the first inhabitants.
Abbott: “Our mission is to correct the great silence in our Constitution. What we bring forward has to be something that can be owned ultimately by the vast majority of the people of our country. It has to be worth doing, but it has to be doable.”
The issue of constitutional recognition has evolved from a simple proposal to write in a preamble to the Constitution, into a more ambitious push to change race powers in the Constitution to ensure Indigenous people can not be discriminated against in the future.
Comment by Wake Up Time: It looks like Shorten and Abbott are very well aware of reluctance by Australians to vote in favor of a Constitutional change when the details become apparent. The principle in itself, as show the poll, is very much supported, but as stated in Wake Up Time, when it comes to the crunch support will fade easily. Especially suggested clauses to allow special laws for Indigenous people are not likely to be passed in a referendum, for good reasons.

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