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Aboriginal activist

murrumu28 August 2015 Indigenous activist Murrumu has fought the law this week. He has renounced his Australian citizenship, having divested of the documentation – passport, Medicare card, driver’s licence and much else. He doesn’t carry money, that he gave up a superannuation entitlement built over decades as a journalist and that he is, apparently, quite serious when he says he is trying to live by the laws and customs of his Yidindji people of north Queensland. Some believe that he is fighting the ultimate war for his people, others reckon he is out of touch with reality. More in The Guardian.
Comment by Wake Up Time: Reconciliation includes acknowledging the current situation. That situation is that Australia is a first world parliamentary democracy. Australians recognise that Indigenous people lived here before Britain invaded the continent. Actions by Murrumu and the like will not only achieve nothing for himself, but will be detrimental to others who believe in his methods.

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