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Aboriginal art lacks scrutiny

1 May 2015Nicolas Rothwell addresses the reluctance to criticise and evaluate Aboriginal art, in a comprehensive article in The Australian of 2 May 2015. Rothwell states that the silence of critics is the most serious problem Aboriginal art is facing, especially now the sales are extremely low. “Thanks to heavy public funding and the conviction of cultural bureaucrats that indigenous art should be supported, and spun as a viable economic “success story”, there is a huge oversupply of Aboriginal art but no clear basis for grading it.”
Comment by Wake Up Time: In Wake Up Time estimates are presented of the economic size of the Aboriginal arts markets. It is a very small, and declining market. Hardly anyone makes, or can make, a living of that. It is unfair to suggest that Art is THE field in which Aboriginal people can find a future. In the latest sensus 52% of people in remote communities fill out as profession ‘artist’. Rothwell’s article supports the idea that it is time to get real about the economic, and artistic side of Aboriginal art according to the same standards used elsewhere in the cultural world.

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