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Being with Uluru: a God inside

5-2-2015 The Alice Springs News reports on the meditative and mindful experiences of Taiwanese backpackers visiting Uluru. Research by the university involved in-depth interviews: “During my trek I felt the ‘The Rock’ was not only a stone but also a live entity, there were trees on it!”
“Although I didn’t totally understand the history of the rock, I did think that there was a deity inside the rock, and that was the reason why the rock is so holy to the Aborigines because it is a place that is pregnant with new life.
The travel to Uluru for these Taiwanese backpackers awakened their senses and provided a rich experience that may be quite different from how it is traditionally “sold” to Australian tourists.
Comment from Wake Up Time: It is almost impossible not to be very impressed by Uluru and its link to the local Indigenous people’s history. Therefore it is essential that the local people regain full management, not only by collecting the dollars, but also by fully running the information centres and the guided walks. It is a shame that hardly any, if any, local Indigenous people are involved in this.

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