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Invasion Day

15-1-2015 Australia Day is arriving, and once again it comes with the common controversy. Aboriginal people tend to call the day Invasion Day, as it marked the arrival of the First Fleet. Indigenous leaders call to descend on Canberra for `Invasion Day’. Indigenous leaders and campaigners from the “National Freedom Movement” are calling for supporters to descend on the Canberra Tent Embassy for a sit-in on January 26. The Aboriginal rights group is holding five different forums around the country to encourage people to make the journey to Canberra for the day they call “Invasion Day”. Further forums will be held in Brisbane on January 20 and Alice Springs on January 22. [SMH]. On the Conversation website the topic is highlighted in all its diversity.
Comment by Wake Up Time: If a country likes to celebrate its unity and to step over thresholds and hurdles, than it should be wise in choosing its National Day of Celebration of its Identity. It is hard to come up with any date more UNsuitable for that purpose that exactly the date marking the beginning of the ethnic divide in the country.
Any of the other 364 days of the year would be more suitable to serve the purpose.

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