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Maurie Ryan: I’m not going away

Ryan14 August 2015 He was finally, last week, sacked (again) from the board of the Central Land Council for ‘engaging in behaviour that amounted to bullying and harassment’. His divisive and radical views have caused lots of controversy over the years, some of it is described in Wake Up Time. “No white person can tell an Aboriginal Traditional Owner or community what they can do with their land,” he said, even though the board members are appointed by the federal minister.
Comment by Wake Up Time: Mr. Ryan now tries to position himself as the angel who is doing all the good, contrary to the new leadership of the CLC and the ‘maffia of white people controlling the CLC’. Wake Up Time clearly reveals the existence of an Indigenous maffia, where people like Mr. Ryan sit on lots of money mainly for their own interests. It is not only time to renew the Land Councils boards, but even to review the role and need of Land Councils in the first place.

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