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Miners ‘buy’ Aboriginal land

(6 Jan 2016) 18 representatives of the indigenous Gomeroi people near Gunnedah (NSW) signed a deal with Whitehaven Mining for further mining exploration on their lands. “The Native Title Applicants are a group of 18 people, they’re the elected officials of the Gomeroi Nation,” Whitehaven CEO Flynn said. But the ink was not even dry when other ‘traditional owners’ disputed the agreement, stating that the 18 reps did not represent the local people.
Comment: It is obvious that as so many times before two problems occur. The first is that the ‘traditional owners’ don’t have their act together in electing real representatives, and/or are changing their minds during the process. And secondly, that the mining companies simply get their way by either paying lots of money, and/or successfully use their ‘divide and rule’ strategy.

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