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Mismanagement, once again

22-1-2015 Mismanagement is not a uniquely Aboriginal ball game, but it looks like it is deeply embedded in the Indigenous bureaucracy. South Australia’s traditional landowners of the to Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands face investigation over mismanagement.
Controversial sackings and accusations of mismanagement have plagued the APY executive in recent years. There have been seven general managers since 2010. (See The Australian)
The federal government withdrew already more than $6m in essential services, which is predicted to impact about 4,000 Indigenous people across 60 locations. The funding cuts are part of nationwide deals made between state and federal governments to end the commonwealth share of support for remote communities in return for a one-off payment. The West Australian government has foreshadowed the closure of more than 150 communities – mostly Indigenous – because the funding withdrawal would render them “unviable.” More in The Guardian.
Comment by Wake Up Time: several land councils in the NT use Kafkaian networks to distribute money to individuals in both the bureaucracy and in communities. These structures are revealed in the book. The situation in SA is most likely very similar. More scrutiny is required into the wheeling and dealing of land councils. It might be time to replace the entire system.

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