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Opportunity for change?

21 September 2015 After rolling Tony Abbott as PM, the new government reckons that this provides a new opportunity for further change in Indigenous policies. Nigel Scullion stays in the job as Minister for Indigenous Affairs. “We have laid the foundation to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities – we need to keep on the path though if we are to see this change realised.”
“I also welcome the appointment of Ken Wyatt, Australia’s first Indigenous Commonwealth Government frontbencher taking up the role of Assistant Minister for Health.”
Comment by Wake Up Time: There is no indication what so ever that Indigenous Affairs will be looked after in a more realistic way than so far. Same people, same failing policies. Only a strong overhaul of this policy area, including dismantling the Royalties Maze, abandoning racism including preferential treatment and re-assessing the position of Land Councils might lead to solutions. A Turnbull government is highly unlikely, like a Shorten government, to ever provide that. The issue is not important enough, it seems, to take the risks.

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