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Political game playing

24-3-15 The very serious Indigenous issues in remote Australia seem to be used more and more as a playing field for journo’s, miners and politicians alike.
Larissa Behrendt foresees in The Guardian disasters because of the new Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) announced by the federal government. As an example she mentions the Institute for Aboriginal Development (IAD) in Alice Springs which received only 7% of the funds it bid for. According to letters in the Alice Springs News the IAD does not really have a good track record. Or actually, cannot provide outcomes of its work in any shape or form. Quotes from the letters:
“Google the IAD annual report 2013-14. Module completion of educational courses is only 36%.”
“It is time the Aboriginal councils started funding and looking after their people, and not putting their money in the banks. Look after the average person in the street.”
“I used to drive past IAD every day for three to four months and not once did I see any activity on campus.”
Has Behrendt looked into every detail of IAD before expressing her opinions?
Regarding political spin, the government seems to be very eager to introduce yet another card limiting welfare spending by Indigenous people, as proposed by Forrest.
Despite strong doubts about the effectiveness and fairness of the BasicsCard, the government will re-introduce another one: the “healthy welfare card” with limited cash-out options. The new card “would operate alongside the BasicsCard”, an existing income-management scheme which he described as more restrictive in its spending rules and the outlets where it could be used.
Comment by Wake Up Time: Journo’s should inform themselves much better about the ins and outs of new policies regarding very complex Indigenous issues. Before mentioning AID as an example, it would be good to know the ‘hard outcomes’ of this organisation.
Forrest’s proposal is patronising and rather confusing. Is this card a method wanted by Indigenous people, or a method WE think is good for Aboriginal people? The BasicsCard is very controversial, see Wake Up Time, and now we will introduce another one???? Another icon of racial policy… do we ever learn?

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