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Recognition revived

24 April 2015 Is Indigenous constitutional recognition salvageable? We have to hope so, writes Kirstie Parker in The Guardian. “Two years ago, 90% of Indigenous National Congress members supported recognition”, but currently ‘there are many who are becoming increasingly disillusioned and cynical about the way things are headed generally in Indigenous affairs.’ The Congress continues to support the recommendations with advising on a model and process, pairing “removal of existing discriminatory clauses within the constitution with meaningful recognition, preservation of the Australian government’s ability to pass laws for the benefit of Indigenous Australians, and a prohibition on racial discrimination by governments”.
Noel Pearson stepped back from the recommendations of the expert panel, of which he was a member. He now supports symbolic recognition outside the constitution and what he sees as practical recognition within the Constitution, through the enshrinement of an Indigenous advisory and consultative body to the Parliament. Pearson says he has moved to his current position after venturing into the realm of constitutional conservatives.
Comment by Wake Up Time: Removing any form of discrimination and racism from the Australian constitution is good and valuable. But Wake Up Time considers that goal to be in contradiction with the proposed allowance to make laws or measures for preferential treatment of any racial group.

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