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Referendum further and further away

21 August 2015 The ABC writes that Prime Minister Tony Abbott faces insider rebellion on the referendum to recognise Indigenous Australians. A handful of Government MPs are completely opposed to any constitutional change, but a growing and broader group with the Coalition is questioning the merit of going ahead with the referendum as proposed in May 2017.
To succeed, the referendum needs to achieve support from the majority of states as well as the majority of voters across the country.
A number of MPs and senators are worried that threshold is too high and that the vote will be lost and deepen divisions between black and white Australia.
WA’s Liberal party is also rebelling: “The Liberal Party of Western Australia oppose any move to recognise a single race to the exclusion of all others in the body or preamble of the Commonwealth constitution”.
Comment by Wake Up Time: Any change of constitution that would include a new clause that allows for special laws for Aboriginal people is wrong and most likely would never get through a referendum. As long as the proposal includes removal of currently existing racial laws, and including the statement that people lived here before 1788, then a referendum could easily pass. But the current proposals from Indigenous people to include special rights, is doomed to fail.

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