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Second edition of Wake Up Time

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The multi bilion dollar Royalties Maze and legal racism are in the way of finding solutions for the massive problems in remote communities.

15 May 2015 The second edition of Wake Up Time has been printed. The book will from now on also be published with the assistance of InHouse Publishing Brisbane.
Wake Up Time received strong endorsements of our top broadcaster, Alan Jones and of the Australian Prime Minister.
“Your report provides a valuable insight into the operational culture that exists in remote regions across Australia”. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, 16/4/2015. The letter of 1 A4 was written on personal request of Tony Abbott.
Especially for the benefit of the children, no policies should stay untried, not even withdrawing support to unsustainable communities. Tony Abbott has more than almost any other politician visited remote communities, over the years. He knows the appalling situations.
“A brilliant observation. Well done. Great stuff”, Alan Jones, 2GB, 17/3/2015
Jones has strong opinions. He is a very free mind and I am happy with his endorsement.
The goal of Wake Up Time is and was always to support Aboriginal people in solving the major issues in these communities. The kids deserve a real opportunity to live a life as they like, without the huge disadvantage they face nowadays right from their birth.
Wake Up Time is for sale from this website or at InHouse Publishing.

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